Humanity (21 years)


I spent the last few months saying that this time during the commemoration i won’t shade a tear.

It’s harder than i thought. It’s harder than crying. I was born to live like that, to witness the ugliness of human beings.

But also to prove that love exists and it has conquered all. Humanity exists but inhumanity also does.

I was feeling this anger while i was reading my friend’s testimony and i can’t lie that i felt some hatred in my heart.

That i had this strange and strong feeling and that made me feel bad about myself because all i want is peace and love towards people.

I However kept reading and trying to understand why i felt like that and i found that the recognition of negative feelings is part of our well being.

So if you feel the same way, it’s okay, it will pass.

Fellow survivors

Feeling sad is no crime although the world might wish you to think so.

All the feelings in the world never did anybody any harm.

It is our feelings that make us human and connect us to the rest of humanity.

During this year i did not want to feel anything at all but all of a sudden i can not avoid it because i am human.

From the 7th of April 1994 people were hunting my parents like they were criminals, they got them on this very date of April 10th 1994.

My parents knew they would die but they wanted to pray for God’s mercy and to hide their kids. No parent wanted to see their kids being slaughtered.

They did what they could and it worked. I am here! I am sure you have your testimony, get it out of your chest, trust me that will make you stronger.

I know it’s hard that we will always have to think how we can survive until we can live, but fasten your seats belts people,

because the journey has just started and we have to be stronger than ever.

To the world out there 

Let me tell you something, some of the killers still want us dead and we haven’t figured the real reason why.

People came up with suggestions like, we are not from this country or we have a different figures.

What if i am from another continent, will you still wanna kill me? Or is it just that someone planted something in your head?

And with all the ignorance you picked it and you made it your life.

Men,you cursed your children with shame and sometimes they feel they are not welcome.

Well some of them might be like you, it’s not a secret just talking about the ones with hearts!

To my beloved ones

Years ago i was still young and stupid and i would cry asking my parents why they did not fight!

Now i know why you died, you died so i can live, so i can be stronger, and work twice harder to make a better world.

You died so i can learn many lessons that made me who i am today.

I am okay Dad, only that i miss you and you would be so proud to see what we have become.

I have a great job that i love and i have amazing friends, thank you for giving your life so i can have a life Dad.

I miss mom too, i am just like her, her mom told me how tough she was and i feel like i am her doppelganger.

I was too young to remember my grand parents, cousins and Aunts but i am sure you all are in a better place.

With love and a smile,



I know who I belong to


Born in June 1990
My wonderful parents named me:
Diane Kayiteta
“Ati maze witetere mukobwa mwiza Imana yaremye mu rukundo”
I was given a Rwandese nationality in that same year

I’m still alive
Because of GOD’s perfect plan for me
He is a Mighty Creator,
That can never be imagined by anybody
He imagined me way before time ever existed
And He saw it fit to create me out of love to be somebody
He created the right time for me to come into the world

I am His workmanship,
Psalms 139:13- 16 says it all
HE placed me into my mother’s womb in 1989
The year that I was made within for me to proclaim Jesus today without shame
They say: “you can’t know where you are going if you don’t know where you have been”

Do you know where you have been??

I know where I have been:

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Change your life by yourself. Take baby steps

My life changed when I made it my responsibility to tell the truth

My life changed when I made it my responsibility to tell the truth

1. Practice small actions, every day.

I was waiting for Oprah to gift me a trip to the Outback before I felt worthy of adventuring, for Random House to call and give me a book deal before I felt worthy of writing, for Sony to call and give me a recording contract before I felt worthy (or capable) of sharing my music. We’re all preprogrammed to see successful, happy people and what their result is; we fail to understand that we haven’t been privy to the steps that got them there.

Success and happiness are not a book deal. They aren’t the dream come true. Success is the late night worrying how you’ll pay your bills when you’ve started your own business. Learning how to communicate with a new partner you’re in love with. Running for one minute more than you could the week before at the gym. If you want big results, you need to stop discounting small action. Small action triggers big change.

2. Tell the truth.

My life drastically changed when I made it my responsibility to tell the truth to myself and the people around me. I told the truth about what I wanted to change about my body. I said out loud, for the first time, that I was unfulfilled in my relationship. I told the truth about being stuck and fearful in my dead-end corporate job, that my heart was aching to work with people, and make music and write.

Nothing magically happened — at first. But once my “truth” was out there, it was as if me, my family and friends, and the universe were all working together to get me what I needed, because I was clear about where I stood. Beyond that, issues that had become too heavy for me to hold were released.

The idea of telling the truth is terrifying. But doing it is freeing and absolutely necessary to get to whatever your next step is.

3. Show up.

Show up when you don’t want to, when you’re tired, when you’re not sure if you’ll be able to, when you’re burned out, when you’re uninspired, when you’re busy. Show up all the time. I made a promise to myself when I started making decisive changes in my life that I would take every opportunity that was presented to me; that if something found me it was meant for me, and if I didn’t say “yes,” and didn’t make progress, or get what I wanted, it was my fault for not answering when opportunity knocked.

Sometimes I’d “show up” and something profound would happen. Other times, seemingly nothing came of me being there. But almost always, whether it’s been in the moment or after the fact, the times I’ve said “yes” have led to an opportunity, a new friend, a new idea. Show up for your life, relentlessly, and life will show up for you.

4. Get to know (and love) your body.

I kept my body at arm’s length for most of my life. I was either feeding it recklessly, or beating it into the ground through treacherous, hate-filled workouts. When I started making big changes, I talked to my body like it was my life boat: the thing that would pull me through the storms. I fed it the right way. I strengthened it in my workouts, and rested it when it felt exhausted. I slept. I got to know my curves and lines, embracing and relishing in my sexuality.

My body, ultimately, became my center, and I found that because I had poured so much trust and confidence into what I was physically, my energy was no longer consumed by fitting into a pair of jeans, but rather free to focus on bigger, more important life decisions.

5. Be scared EVERY day.

What if all your dreams suddenly came true for you? How would you feel? Excited, absolutely. But you’d be scared. Scared to fail, to succeed, to try something new, to lose it all. “Conquer your fears” is my least favorite phrase. Because it’s not about “conquering” them. It’s about living with them. If you aren’t fearful, you’re staying still. If you’re ready to really grow and change something big in your life, fear is a requirement.

These days, I’m most scared on the days I’m not scared. I know that fear, for me, is an indicator that I’m expanding myself beyond my current, self-imposed limitations. If your dream-come-true would scare you to death (and it should), then you need to practice that emotion every day. Cold call a stranger to ask for their business. Ask out the person you’ve been flirting with for months. Try the new workout class you swore to yourself you couldn’t do. Put yourself out there. You already know what will happen if you don’t, and maybe nothing will happen if you do … but what if it did

Girl Guide

This year in March for international women’s day we sat down with girl guides to empower girls from high schools. It was the best moment too i was supposed to speak with 10 intelligent  girls from different schools such as Notre Dama, Fawe and and others. The american Embassy had chosen 8 inspirational women to speak with 8 groups of beautiful and smart girls. Along with Esther Mbabazi (The pilot), Teta Isibo (Inzuki Designs), Triphine Munganyinka (USAID) and more amazing and successful women. It was an honor and it marks one of the best moments of my life. We talked about leadership and girls taking decisions as boys. It was such an amazing experience and i am very happy i got to keep in touch with the girls.

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