living my African dream

While we were assigned to make a story board, this title immediately came in my mind”living my African dream”. I immediately thought of little girl struggling with school not because she can not study but because she does not have school fees! In the end we see her succeeding and even hopping for as much better future!

I want yo bring the story to life with THE CAMERA but also using softwares to make it more intresting the amazing part is that Now we have started learning adobe after effect which is very interesting with editing videos! I will definitely use premier pro too! It has got amazing tools to put together videos! I will be able to be telling my through all of that with the help of our lecturer!

“My mother went for good”

She says that she loves you.

She repeats that over and over again.

She says she loves you and never waits for you to reply

She looks at you and she never fail to forgive you.

She says she is in pain but carry you in rain.

She walks miles to make you smile.

She goes, and comes but one day

she never came back and you start wishing

Having your moments back.Before she left, she said:


“I was watching you sleep the other day

And prayed that it would last.

The peace that rested on your face

I’d never seen in the past.

To a little girl I will call moonlight.

For she is as beautiful as the moon.

Her smile is like a moon lit night.

Her eyes are like a lake, That shine so big.

That you just have to love her to pieces.

As I do When moonlight grows to be a woman,

She will possess all the beauty of an angel.

Though she may ponder all life’s little problems. She will

still be moonlight to me.”


She is not coming back,is she?My mother went for good!