Girl Guide

This year in March for international women’s day we sat down with girl guides to empower girls from high schools. It was the best moment too i was supposed to speak with 10 intelligent  girls from different schools such as Notre Dama, Fawe and and others. The american Embassy had chosen 8 inspirational women to speak with 8 groups of beautiful and smart girls. Along with Esther Mbabazi (The pilot), Teta Isibo (Inzuki Designs), Triphine Munganyinka (USAID) and more amazing and successful women. It was an honor and it marks one of the best moments of my life. We talked about leadership and girls taking decisions as boys. It was such an amazing experience and i am very happy i got to keep in touch with the girls.

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The best moments

In 2012 doing a fantastic workshop with amazing kids. I miss this how about i do it again! Sometimes we seem to forget where our happiness comes from and run straight towards where it is not! These kids are the most intelligence kids i have ever met! I must say that i couldn’t what they are capable of at their age. They all have the spirit of working and they are aware that they can create their own job. haha I can’t forget the time one of their friends was laughing at them saying that she will only work in the bank but one of them answered her quickly: “They are so many employees in the banks, you may not have a place there. I learnt a lot from them and i laughed a lot!! 

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living my African dream

While we were assigned to make a story board, this title immediately came in my mind”living my African dream”. I immediately thought of little girl struggling with school not because she can not study but because she does not have school fees! In the end we see her succeeding and even hopping for as much better future!

I want yo bring the story to life with THE CAMERA but also using softwares to make it more intresting the amazing part is that Now we have started learning adobe after effect which is very interesting with editing videos! I will definitely use premier pro too! It has got amazing tools to put together videos! I will be able to be telling my through all of that with the help of our lecturer!